I raise from shadows and dust
to take sun on my face.
My hands are dusty and feet are muddy.
But I stand with no shame, no regret
Fools are those who regret their deeds.
Fools are those who cannot let go the past.

Realm of sunshine will be lost in night
and darkness will reign,
but my belief will be the same
the sun will rise again.

I will sing to birds,
when they are in pain.
I will water every tree
till it rains again!
and rainbow will be mine,
no boundaries or barriers of time
can stop me from being
me, myself and divine.

Deep down in my heart
you will see only hope,
No shadowy corner will ever be there,
To go that far, no fear will ever dare.

I shall fear no evil,
When my time comes
I will surrender myself to gods will
Till that time; I will resurrect
from every grave dig for me.
To start again and to make it happen.