This is the captain of wrecking ship
I have no one else to lookup to!
They take my orders,
and I am the one they lookup to.

Sometimes burden of command is heavier than you think
My fleet does not have gold,
so no one will try to find it even if it sinks.

let them say, hope deprives you from reality,
only hope can make us through,
Was that hurricane dangerous,
than sea we travel through?

I am standing on deck
looking at silhouette of people running around
Can hear roaring storm
above all sounds

there is no island in sight,
not every decision you take,
will turn out right!

I will stay back till the topmast dips down
No one can see thorns beneath the crown.

update done

I think of every shore, I owe something,
I can hear the song of elysium,
my seamen are singing.

Now that my fate is sealed with ship,
I have no other promises to keep.

People remember captain’s name,
only when he reaches the other end!

One who goes down with ship,
to see the valleys in deep,
remains unknown,
like a precious stone,
on sea bed!