In one of my recent discussion, I was asked, “Do you think you are an Innovator?”
I immediately replied, “No I am not, I am not someone who comes up with Ideas, I am one of them who executes them.”
yes, well thats what I think I execute ideas well. Because its like reading, it’s not you, its someone else you are mirroring for given period of time. May be that’s what my constitution is, that what makes me. I mirror, things I like, people I adore.

Just to give few examples I used to drink coffee till I turned 7 or 8, why? cause my elder sister preferred coffee over tea, I never chose on my own, who is my favorite actor or actress for long time, means whatever my elder sister would say, Aamir then its Aamir, do I have to go and find out, no. So I prefer following things, people. Walking on path that is built by others. Following standard ways, I don’t try new things usually unless I am very sure.

That is why I never knew what I wanted to become, what I want myself really to be, after lots of years when I was asked, what you really want to be I gave a thought to this question. May be I will never become what I want to be, but at least I should know, right? 
So, after lots of thinking and observation over years I came up with an occupation, I want to be an Anthropologist. Funny han?