My Dear Diary,

I am a whiner. There I said it! Out of context though but thats the first thing that came to my mind. (Come on wordpress do I have to give apostrophes on my own… come on!)

Anyways today I wanted to whine about my TV addiction… I am ADDICTED to NETFLIX. I mean… its pretty serious. I hate the autoplay feature… I cannot control things. I keep watching screen till I fall a sleep on couch. I am trying to get over it by diverting my attention to some other screen. For that matter I have lost my mojo because I watch too much of TV. I try to do everything else but what I am really suppose to be doing.

Today I am trying something other than getting angry at myself. I am least bit interesting in doing so as it has never yield any freaking result. Nothing changes. I get angry at myself and I feel depressed and I feel like I wanna run away from my problem and I find solace and refuge in watching TV. So its kind of vicious cycle. So dear diary… hth.

So how do we get rid of this TV addiction. Lets devise a plan. I dont know but… ummm… I think I shouldnt be going cold turkey. What I can do though is reduce the time and I should do something else… may be I could do a little exercise. Ohhh yeah a big dream of mine since I was kid… I want to look thin… I never managed it as I am a couch potato. But I think I am not aiming that high right now. I am not going to expect too much at the beginning. Baby steps. Yeah that what I need right now. I guess.