I am carving my grave stone,
I am carving it very well,
let them say I am insane,
Do I really care?

I want to live, the way I want,
even when I am gone…
How am I supposed to explain?
they always interpret me wrong.

The day my heart ceases beating,
church bell will ring,
I am forming tunes for her,
and songs for birds to sing.

Peace I always craved for,
I know, I will get there for sure.
Do I want to be an angel
Or being tooth fairy will be better?


10 things I Hate.

When someone does not listen to what I have to say
When someone refuses to pick up the call and/or cuts my call
When someone does not answer to simple question like ‘Who’s that?’
When someone is keeping shut without telling reason
When someone at home keeps his/her mobile in the out of range area
When someone is being too slow and pathetic
When someone is playing music in slow volume continuously for an hour or so 
When someone I don’t know and don’t like tries to be very nice or mean
When someone cuts me and puts me on hold for indefinite time
When someone makes me feel I am dumb bird

5 things that irritates

When my machine stuck up and it does not move
When I meet someone as freak as me
When I have to smile when I don’t want to.
When people use sharp words to tell simple things
When I have to reach somewhere in time and I am late and I don’t have a proper reason why am I late


Update: Do read the comment on this!!! 🙂