May the force be with you!

Nobody forgets the promises they made with the devil,
time comes and goes, it doesn’t end one’s peril…
though darkest of hours, don’t stop climbing uphill;
May the force be with you, to keep you strong-willed…


दिसे सखे, डोळ्या तुझ्या, मज आसवांचे दव,
कसे सांगु, किती देती, माझ्या अंतरी ते घाव…
कळे मला सोनु, मी तुझा अपराधी अनंत,
धावतो सदा काट्यावर, ना क्षणाची ग उसंत…

रात चांदण्यांची, मनी तुझ्या, येते आणि जाते,
फुललेली बकुळ ती, तुझ्या उशाशी ग राहते..
उरलो मी आता फक्त, स्वप्नांच्या पाकळ्यात,
तरी शोधतेस मला, खिडकीतुंनी सावल्यात…

कसे सांगु तुला आता, मला सुटेना ग हे कोडं,
जपतो मनी तुला, जसा तळ हाताचा ग फोड…
पण पाश माझ्या भोवतीचे, मज सोडवता न येई,
दव तुझ्या डोळ्यातलं, पाहाटे सुकुन ग जाई…

अमृता माणगांवकर

I am carving my grave stone,
I am carving it very well,
let them say I am insane,
Do I really care?

I want to live, the way I want,
even when I am gone…
How am I supposed to explain?
they always interpret me wrong.

The day my heart ceases beating,
church bell will ring,
I am forming tunes for her,
and songs for birds to sing.

Peace I always craved for,
I know, I will get there for sure.
Do I want to be an angel
Or being tooth fairy will be better?


I am dying inside.

Inside my head,
I am breathing,
my last breaths.
The sound of it is annoying,
like the clock ticks
in a dark scary night,
making me sick even more.

The storm is over.
It has left marks everywhere.
Water, flown under the bridge.
Remnants of what it took with it
are still clinging there.

Over my dewy eyelids
still gleams a tear.
On my face,
there is a stony glare…
with the pain,
all feelings drained.

I close my eyes.
The anguish is gone.
No hatred, only calm.
I can feel peace
when I am falling in pieces, apart.

Is this what I was finally supposed to learn?